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From Sputnik to the Internet: Real Solutions for Reforming Science Education

Media outlets regularly report that Americans don’t understand basic concepts of science. Fearful of falling even further behind our international peers, everyone from politicians to the PTA cry out that something must be done. For nearly a century, reformers have proposed and implemented new ideas about how to teach science and keep Americans competitive in an increasingly technology-driven world. Yet for all the attempts at fixing a broken system, things seem to be getting worse.

This lecture will review and evaluate the history of the reform movements in science education. By identifying the deeper philosophic roots of these reforms, this lecture will illustrate how science education has been captured by the broader trends in American education. Tied into the proper methodology and educational approach, science education can be rescued and the lecture will include a proposal for how to begin that reform.

A Dinner and Talk featuring
Dr. Eric Daniels
LePort Schools


Saturday, November 15, 2014
5:00 – 9:00 PM

95a Bistro & Sushi
1381 Forest Park Circle
Lafayette, CO 80026

5:00 PM: Cocktails, Dinner (Cash)
7:00 PM: Announcements
7:15 PM: Talk with Q/A

Advance General Admission: $35 per person ($40 after 11/7)
At the Door General Admission: $40 per person
Seating at Head Table with Speaker (space limited): $75 ($80 after 11/7)
Please Note: Purchase does not include dinner; order directly at event
Online reservations before November 12, 2014, or at the door.

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About the speaker:

Dr. Eric Daniels works at LePort Schools, a network of private schools in southern California. He teaches science and history to middle school grades and is a curriculum developer for the school. Prior to moving to LePort, he was a professor for over a decade at Clemson University, Duke University, and Georgetown University. Dr. Daniels completed his Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. He has lectured internationally on American history, current legal issues, and economics. His published works include book chapters on antitrust, individualism, and economic freedom. His writings also regularly appear in The Objective Standard.

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