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What Are We Cheering?
Sport and the Value of Valuing

Many people dismiss sport as “only a game,” not worth the deep investment that so many fans make in it. Defenders of sport usually appeal to important virtues of character (discipline, resilience, teamwork, etc.) that participation in sport can cultivate, observing that these traits have benefits far beyond the playing fields.

Whatever the merit that these claims may have, this lecture calls attention to something that has not been previously appreciated: what sport reveals about the nature of value. Through the lens of the serious fan, it argues that sport illuminates important aspects of how to value, the point of valuing, and the propriety of valuing.

A Dinner and Talk featuring
Dr. Tara Smith
University of Texas


Saturday, October 26, 2013
5:00 – 9:00 PM

Gabriel’s Restaurant
5450 Manhart Avenue Sedalia CO 80135

5:00 PM: Cocktails, Cash Bar
5:45 PM: Dinner
7:00 PM: Announcements
7:15 PM: Talk with Q/A, Tara Smith

General Admission: $65 per person
Premium Meal Upgrade: $10 per person
Seating at Head Table with Speaker Upgrade(space limited): $40 per person
Online reservations before October 23, 2013


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About the speaker:

Dr. Smith holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Johns Hopkins University. She is professor of philosophy at the University of Texas, where she holds the BB&T Chair for the Study of Objectivism and the Anthem Foundation Fellowship. A specialist in moral, legal and political philosophy, she has published books on values, virtues and individual rights, and is now writing a book on objectivity in judicial review.

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